Norma from ‘Orange is the New Black’ Used to Front a Punk Band


Praise Norma!

Actress Annie Golden may not say much on everybody’s favorite Netflix gem Orange is the New Black, but she sure lets loose on stage.

It turns out Golden fronted a punk band in the ’70s called The Shirts. The Shirts didn’t just perform on any stage – they were actually CBGB regulars!

Best known for their single, “Tell Me Your Plans,” the band was most active between 1975-1981. In their prime, they were closely linked with the original NYC punk scene and even earned an opening slot on one of Peter Gabriel’s European tours. In 1990, the band reunited to play a few benefit shows, one of which was for CBGB, which had periodically suffered tax issues. When efforts were made to reform the band, Golden declined to participate; she had already launched a career on stage and in film.

Here are two clips – the first is The Shirts performing “Teenage Crutch” in 1979. The other is from 2010 and shows Golden and bandmate Artie Lamonica reflecting on the beginning of their career, their live performances, and life at CBGB.The two also sing a 2010-version of “Tell Me Your Plans” and it’s all sorts of adorable. Hear it below! (NORMA FINALLY SPEAKS!)


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