Need the Perfect Horror Movie Tonight? ‘A Better Queue’ Can Help

Sure, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is probably playing somewhere, and Turner Classic Movies is most likely showing a censored version of Halloween (Lame!), but why not watch something new this Halloween? Let those DVDs sitting on your shelf collect some more dust and head on over to A Better Queue.

A Better Queue offers an easier, faster way to search Netflix’s available movies to stream. Check the genres you’re searching for, then use the adjoining sliders to set some preferences. You can search via Rotten Tomatoes rating (aka, the Tomatometer), the number of reviews on Netflix, and the years you’re looking for. Click “Filter” and the site will display all of the movies available for streaming that might tickle your fancy.

You can click this photo to maximize it or just visit!

The site makes it easier to find and browse movies that will actually be worth your time, so you won’t get stuck rolling the dice on things like All Cheerleaders Die and wishing you didn’t even exist. (AVOID. RUN AWAY. DELETE. UNTAG. LOGOUT.)

If a Horror marathon is in your near future – tonight? – try this site out instead of channel surfing through the edited, toned down fare playing on TV. It will better your Netflix experience and you won’t regret it.


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