I miss you, Jack.

Last wholesale MLB jerseys night was devastating.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing Summer Glau back on my TV screen is a GREAT thing (That “Terminator” show…not bad!), however, let’s stop playing around. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. With tension so thick you can cut it with a knife. Insert other lame metaphor here.

Sunday/Monday was supposed to be the premiere of Day 7 of the beloved, “24”.

I fully support the writers in all their striking glory. They deserve a larger slice of the pie. I don’t even hold the lack of ass-kicking Jack Bauer on TV against them. And to note, I don’t blame Fox for postponing the premiere so that it can run break-free, but alas, as a die-hard Bauer fan…I digress.

I simply wish I had not seen the trailer for Season 7 before wholesale jerseys the big delay. Tony Almeida. By Back. and playing the Big Bad (ooh! an opportunity for Buffy-slang! see…Cara told you so..).

A fellow 24-fan left me Utrpení a message on my phone last night that went something like “Do you know something bad that was supposed to be tonight and something from last night that was bad too and didn’t happen?” I struggled to hear what de she was The actually saying. Partly because it wholesalenfljerseyslan didn’t make lots of sense, and partly because at first I thought I missed her birthday or No Doubt’s reunion concert in Seymour, Connecticut (Cara reads me like a BOOK) but what she was really talking about was the absence of Jackie B.

Since I saw it and had to suffer the withdrawal symptoms, you should too. We’ll see ya someday, Jack. And when we do, and you confront Tony Almeida…we’ll be just as emotionally challenged and morally torn as you will be.


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