311 will not be opening for No Doubt, a kickass "Making Out" live video, plus more bad news for No Doubters

311 bassist P-Nut squashed rumors regarding a possible co-headline or tour with No Doubt. He said, “We don’t want to open up for a band, even one as cool as No Doubt. We will co-headline with someone but, that wouldn’t be the case with ND, they’re huge and shit. It would be great to do a couple of shows with them, but, a whole tour would be dam unlikely.”

1. Guess that leaves the only “rumored” opener to be Paramore, but that info is strictly speculation at this point. And I don’t see the guys of ND being that into Paramore as an opener. Time will tell.


2. Who the fuck do 311 think they are? Now, don’t get me wrong, 311 kicks ass. I love their music. But it seems snooty to me that they’ll immediately write off the gig because they don’t want to open. And a co-headline would suck. The No Doubt/Blink co-headline just made tickets way too hard to get, planted 12-year-olds everywhere in the crowd, raised ticket prices, and paved the way for a generic singles-led setlist. Co-header: No, thank you. No Doubt deserve their time to shine headlining their own show.

Check out this kickass Making Out live video! Then see below for the badness.


Thank God we have a tour coming because the record, well, is not. Adrian was quoted recently stating that the new record will most likely not be ready for 2009. At all. Delayed. Again.

Bummer. If not for the upcoming tour…it’d be a very sad time to be a No Doubt fan.