2014 Oscar Predictions

81st Academy Awards¨ Press Kit ImagesHoly hell, the Oscars came up fast! This Sunday, March 2, the 86th annual Academy Awards will air on ABC and you know the deal – red carpet at 7, ceremony at 8, yada yada yada. Semi-funny-woman Ellen DeGenerous will host (who is likable, but oftentimes, safe). Winners will be declared, and losers will get drunk…it should be a glorious, super-fun night (which reminds me – I need to buy a shitton of wine).

I found this Oscar ballot thingie and made some predictions as to who I think is going to win. It’ll be super embarassing come Monday when I’m entirely wrong about almost every single category, but it was fun to fill out. For a few categories, I chose who I desperately want to win even though it might be considered a longshot (Come on, Linklater, Hawke and Delpy!)

Anyways – here are my predictions. You can click on the image to maximize it. Sorry it’s not a better scan. You can blame my office copier’s scanner. (I know I do!) Oh, and I skipped some categories because there were a few that I just couldn’t predict because apparently I don’t watch enough shorts, foreign films or documentaries. Whoops.


Want to fill out your own ballot? Here’s a blank copy – Tweet me your predictions @LittlestWinslow (or comment below)! Whoever kicks my ass in this will win…all my love and respect. (Again – click to maximize, right-click, save to computer.)

I’ll also be Live Tweeting Sunday’s action, so check me out on Twitter and watch my tweeting get drunker and sloppier by the minute – see you there!